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Ultrasonography - Introduction, Novara / Italy, 29 October - 2 November 2018 registration open

Principal Course Masters: Dr. Edoardo Auriemma DECVDI (IT),
Course Master: Dr. Giuseppe Lacava (IT)


This training program is designed for veterinarians who wish to perform abdominal ultrasonographic examination in small animal practice. The objectives of the program are to provide participants a basic knowledge of ultrasound image formation and current technology, and to perform routine abdominal ultrasonographic examination in dogs and cats. The program is based on a mixture of formal teaching, wet labs with live animals and ultrasound machines and interactive clinical case discussion. Main indications, normal, and abnormal findings in common situations are outlined and discussed. The aim of the program is to give participants enough knowledge and practical information to perform abdominal ultrasonography in common clinical situation.

Objectives of the course:

At the end of the seminar, the student should be able to:

1. make an educated choice regarding purchase and use of ultrasonographic equipment according to the needs
2. acquire and optimize ultrasonographic images
3. recognize different tissues according to their echogenicity
4. recognize common ultrasonographic artifact and understand their significance
5. perform an ultrasonographic examination of the abdomen in the dog by finding and recognizing major abdominal structures.
6. recognize the normal appearance of major abdominal organs
7. prescribe ultrasonographic examination depending on clinical suspicion and expected findings
8. recognize common ultrasonographic changes


Hotel and Travel Information

Please find alternative hotels at:

Please enter for Destination: `Novara`, for Country: `Italy` and your travel dates. Then search for hotels near the course address: `Via Dante Graziosi, 1`.

You may also take a taxi from the airport Milano Linate or Milano Malpensa to the Hotel Novarello. For booking please contact the ESAVS Office.


Tuition fee: EURO 1.890,--
Early registration: EURO 1.790,-- (deadline for early registration payment: 31 August 2018)

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